Thrift KM: Systems for free – London, 13 July 2009

June 25, 2009

We are really thrilled to have Stuart Barr from Headshift to start the evening with an essential (and extensive) tour across the internet, highlighting both free tools that can be used ‘in situ’ and those that can be downloaded for use inside the firewall.

However, we recognise that getting over that first hurdle of identification and selection of useful ‘bits of kit’ leads invevitably to the further challenges of effective use and integration. And so, to ensure the seminar is as practically valuable as possible, we will also be hearing from a number of law firms/legal departments who have successfully used free software to benefit their internal and client facing KM{b}*{/b} . And A&O’s CIO, {Jason Haines:}, will be on hand to provide an IT director’s perspective on these challenges.

{b}*Watch this blog for further details of these ‘snapshot’ case studies{/b}.