Interact. Please.

September 9, 2009

It is not exactly up there with England 5 Croatia 1, or winning the Ashes, but it ranks with the unexpected discovery of a 50 euro note and definitely beats the yellow sticker on the smoked salmon and the appearance of that strange yellow thing in a cloud-free sky. For a web site editor, life’s pleasures include discovering that an SCL member has {i}actually used{/i} the comments feature on the SCL site.

I confess that I have sometimes despaired since the feature was introduced in February. Clearly, we should be a forum that hosts high-level debates, but most of the time I’d settle for more low-level quips and jibes – the interactive web does sometimes seem to have passed SCL members by. But we got two comments on the site in 24 hours and that instantly restored my faith.

I particularly commend the carefully reasoned response from Simon Deane-Johns to the {Web Site Warnings article:}. It has made me think twice about that difficult issue.

What’s more, Andrew Sharpe of Charles Russell contributed {a blog post:} on the SCL London Group meeting on ‘Breach and Tell’ {i}on the same day the meeting was held{/i}. Very good it is too.

The editor’s cup runneth over. SCL members are indeed wonderful – sometimes.

If you could manage it a bit more often, we might not even need to win the World Cup.