Thrift KM: Getting the most from what you’ve got

September 29, 2009

Our session on 29 September continued our theme of Thrift KM and focussed on getting the most out of our subscriptions to information services.  We were pleased to have presentations from PLC (Neils Montana and Lucinda Case), Lexis (Jon Brewer and Karen Whaldron) and Westlaw (Jessica Brown) on “making the most of what you’ve got”.  Each vendor brought a different approach to the theme:

PLC focused on extending the integration of proprietary and PLC know-how and also highlighted tools and services beyond the regular PLC content that can add value, such as What’s Market

Lexisemphasised that price negotiations looking at the full Lexis package are likely to be more effective than limiting attention to information services, and introduced their new tool which can enable lawyers searching on Google to see Lexis content higher up the results

Westlaw demonstrated how it can serve lawyers multiple needs in one interface, and explained its development to a fully integrated 360 degree service.  Resources such as the statutory dictionary (identifying where terms have been legally defined) and statutory annotations (legislative commentary) were also presented as value-add

Some themes from the session:

– the vendors are keen to add value so do engage with them to get the maximum from your subscription

– a number of tools that were previously paid-for add-ons are now being included in a regular subscription

– are you doing things in-house that you are also paying your vendors to do (or paying multiple vendors to do)?

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