Speeding Fine

October 8, 2009

I knew little about the practicalities of outsourcing and was genuinely surprised by how upbeat the environment, and speakers, seemed to be.

I found this a really informative session and hope to reflect it in the magazine.

Speed sourcing dominated though – at least in the later part. It occurred to me that there may be more to speed sourcing than client demand. It is no good putting your foot flat on the accelerator if there is no more juice in the engine. In other words, I suspect that speed sourcing is the inevitable product of increased experience and, especially, the range of legal and business solutions that have emerged as a result of that experience. There simply is more juice in the engine because the mechanics have improved.

Perhaps though, as Anna Cook hinted, the inevitable product of speed sourcing is increased litigation.

Maybe we’ve found a win/win at last.