October 8, 2009

I can exclusively reveal that the questions in Session 4 were planted. Scandal and horror abound.

Well, when I say exclusively reveal, presumably nobody who wasn’t in the tea room knows, but everyone who was probably does. Remind me not to get involved in a criminal conspiracy with any of these people; they clearly don’t take deception seriously enough.

Stewart Room was great and very clear. If you liked that, try the recent podcast from the Breach and Tell London Group meeting – he gets a bit longer to explain there.

Ian Walden’s tale of the government vacillation over policing cyberfraud was a stark reminder of how easy it is to get it all wrong.

Others will have to comment on Mathew Lavy – I picked up my bag and left. That really was a pity because I had really looked forward to hearing his presentation.

I confess that I did not agree with Alex Charlton QC on the economic conditions leading to reduced fraud. Desperate people do desperate things and that might include sales teams in cases not dissimilar to the one that we dare not mention.

Mind you, I suspect fraud is a bit like gorse – it will flower whatever the season.