Questions and Issues relating to the SCL Lecture 2010

February 24, 2010

In the SCL Lecture 2010 Samuel Kallupurakal will focus on the challenges that face Indian IT outsourcing firms when they do business in the UK marketplace, primarily from a legal perspective but also from cultural and business perspectives.

The lecture will review, from a working lawyer’s perspective, the challenges associated with dealing with a common working language but disparate cultures, recognising that Indian culture is changing rapidly through the adoption of technology. Samuel will also identify the legal and contractual challenges that face Indian lawyers working in the UK outsourcing marketplace on a day to day basis.

By completing a comments box below, you can feed in questions for the event and raise issues which Clive Davies, the Chair of the event, can raise with Samuel on the night of the lecture.

Of course, questions and contributions from the floor on the night wil be encouraged, but if you cannot attend or want to make a contribution prior to the lecture that might yet inform Samuel’s approach, this blog is for you..