Getting on our bikes

August 17, 2010

Leaving our trustees meeting today with one of my fellow trustees we were discussing London’s new communal bike system under which you can “borrow” a bike from a “station” and return it. Apparently quite a popular new service and certainly environmentally friendly. It copies a similar scheme in Paris. A definite and novel improvement to our transport system in the capital. 

At the trustees meeting we discussed a number of ways in which we can (similarly) add to and improve SCL including

  • refreshing our brand image with a cleaner focus on “SCL” as an acronym as opposed to the Society for Computers & the Law – thus emulating a number of  eminent law firms!
  • creating a Young Lawyer’s Group to harness the energy and enthusiasm of those newer to IT practice
  • building on our newly formed in-house lawyers panel with some new events open to all but focused on issues of particular interest to our in house members
  • organising press releases more for newsworthy events.

I would appreciate feedback or any expressions of interests in these new initiatives as we get on our bikes to improve SCL. 

On a less positive note I have decided after last week’s blog to give up economic forecasting. No sooner did I dare to refer to a positive forecast for the UK economy than  a number of more negative forecasts were published. Maybe I made the right choice of career in becoming a lawyer!