Regulators Agree Boundaries and Pledge Mutual Support

October 6, 2010

PhonepayPlus has published a memorandum of understanding with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). PhonepayPlus states that the importance of such an understanding continues to grow, especially as both organisations are increasingly involved in considering issues related to new digital media services and their related marketing in an online environment.

This memorandum provides a framework for co-operation between the ASA and PhonepayPlus, particularly in regard to:

  • Promoting mutual support and a common understanding of each other’s regulatory responsibilities;
  • Formalising an agreed procedure for handling complaints;
  • Facilitating the effective exchange of information to assist each organisation in fulfilling its regulatory responsibilities; and
  • Ensuring appropriate consultation on matters of mutual interest.

Additionally, the ASA and PhonepayPlus agree to provide relevant support to each other in discharging their regulatory responsibilities in areas where they have mutual interests. This may be in respect of advertisements for premium rate services (PRS) or ads that include a PRS number/shortcode.

The agreement is intended to avoid duplication of effort (and associated cost to industry); to provide regulated parties as well as the public, Parliament and the media with a clear idea of which regulator will deal with which kind of issues; to ensure consistency of decision (and especially to avoid conflicting or contradictory adjudications on the same subject); and to build trust in regulation across the board.

Click here to view the PhonepayPlus/ASA Memorandum of Understanding.