New SCL Scheme: Certification and Accreditation in IT Law

February 25, 2011

SCL members are well aware that IT is pervasive; almost every commercial transaction has some IT element and social media are increasingly a central part of personal lives too. As the impact of IT increases so the relevance of IT law increases. And more and more lawyers find themselves involved in the practice of IT law.  

That is not always good news by any means. Not all of those involved in the practice of IT law have the specialist knowledge that they need. And it is not always easy for clients to establish what the level of expertise of their potential lawyer really is. 

SCL’s new scheme will make it easier for its members with the necessary level of skills to demonstrate those skills by gaining SCL Certification or SCL Accreditation. Certification will be available to those SCL members who have a good basic grounding in the core practice areas of IT law and some relevant practical experience and who keep up to date with the latest developments in IT Law. Accreditation will be available to more experienced lawyers who have the training and relevant practical experience to undertake work at a high level in the IT law field – accreditation by SCL will require evidence of both training and experience. 

For full details of the new scheme and application forms, click here