The Millennium Law Practice: A Major SCL Conference

April 30, 1999

The thoughts of the legalprofession must turn to adapting practice to meet changing needs andexpectations in a society which expects speedy responses to requests forinformation, competitive prices for services and unwavering efficiency. WhileWoolf reforms, fixed fees and legal aid revolutions loom, it is hard for thebusy lawyer to find time to confront the major strategic changes that will berequired for his or her practice to prosper in the new century. But theintelligent use of IT is the answer to improving profitability and efficiencyand it may be the only way to survive.

SCL understands the problems of busy lawyers and is dedicated to helping themconfront the problems by providing the best information for lawyers throughoutthe UK, at a price they can readily afford. For its Liverpool Conference andExhibition SCL has assembled the best speakers in the field and offers anunparalleled insight into the way in which you need to approach your futureplanning, the effective use of case management and exploiting the opportunitieswhich the Internet can bring. It is also an opportunity to learn about thechanges in court practice which will inevitably flow from the judicial system’senthusiastic acceptance of information technology and the ways in which thatwill affect every lawyer in the country. For lawyers in the North-west, with itswell deserved reputation for innovation, this Conference and Exhibition isunmissable.

For lawyers in the rest of the UK, a chance to hear from Sir Brian Neill,John Irving, Neil Cameron and Michael Kaye and to visit an Exhibition ofproducts and services which will make professional life easier is well worth atrip to the newly regenerated City of Liverpool.

Because SCL is a charity with a mission to promote the benefits of IT, itoffers all this at half the cost of a comparable seminars run by commercialorganisations. Places are limited so prompt booking is essential.