EU Commission Consultation on Online Illegal Content

June 4, 2012

A consultation began on 4 June, ending on 5 September, in which the EU Commission seeks the views of all persons interested in establishing the best procedures for notification of illegal content. The stated objectives of the consultation are:

·        Contribute to developing legal certainty, trust and therefore growth in (cross-border) online services, thus enhancing the functioning of the Digital Single Market.

·        Contribute to combating illegality on the Internet.

·        Ensure the transparency, effectiveness, proportionality and fundamental rights compliance of notice-and-action procedures.

·        Ensure a balanced and workable approach towards NTD procedures, with focus on fundamental rights and the impact on innovation, growth. 

Although the consultation is open to all, contributions are ‘particularly sought from hosting service providers, organisations that notify illegal content and civil rights organisations’. 

More details may be found here.