Parental Internet Controls Consultation

June 27, 2012

Tim Loughton, Minister for Children and Families, and Lynne Featherstone, Minister for Equalities and Criminal Information have begun a consultation exercise in their role as joint chairs of the executive board of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). They are writing to members of UKCCIS to seek their views and advice on parental controls. The request is to members of UKCCIS and other organisations and individuals, especially parents, who might want to respond but is available on the Department for Education web site and their note indicates that is so that anyone can respond. The consultation can be accessed here.

They say in their covering letter:

‘We want to engage business, charities and voluntary organisations concerned with parenting and children’s safeguarding, and parents and young people themselves, on these issues. We want to consider what approaches to online safety are currently effective, what improvements are already in development, and what more could be done. We are particularly interested in the role of providers of products and services that give access to the internet, such as manufacturers of internet-enabled devices (for example, laptops, tablets, televisions and smartphones), internet service providers, and public wifi providers. Above all, we want those who take part to consider the ways in which children and young people access the internet, how best to engage parents in helping their children be safe online, and, in turn, how businesses and other agencies can most effectively support parents.’

The closing date for responses is 6 September 2012.