Midata Consultation

August 2, 2012

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills has opened a consultation which seeks views and opinions on the next step in the realisation of the Midata scheme. The basic proposal is to create an order making power, to compel suppliers of services and goods to provide to their customers, upon request, historic transaction and consumption data in an open standard machine readable format.

Midata is part of the consumer empowerment strategy which sets out to help consumers find the most appropriate deals for them. Midata seeks to give people access to their personal data in an electronic re-usable format. The consultation is seeking views on a proposal to strengthen the Midata programme by creating a new right for consumers to get that information.

The BIS says that the proposals have the following aims:

  • help people find the goods and services most suited to their needs or preferences
  • stimulate the development of a new market in personal data handling and analysis that allows UK business to target a strong potential growth market

The government plans to continue its work with the businesses already involved in the midata programme whilst considering whether to take up an order making power.

Open Forums will be held at the BIS Offices over the summer to discuss the consultation, and any interested parties are welcome to join. The dates for these are 9, 16 and 23 August. You have to e-mail midata@bis.gsi.gov.uk to attend