A Yawning Gap in CPD?

October 24, 2012

As the CPD year draws to a close, busy practitioners can be close to panic as they realise that their CPD record is light on hours. The temptation is to throw money at the problem and acquire the necessary points in a giant flurry of inappropriate courses of questionable standard. 

For SCL members (and maybe others – see below), our CPD Online offers an aspirin that will soothe all but the most severe CPD headache. There are courses arising from each issue of the magazine (and one more due any day) and online courses to complete for most of the fascinating webinars that have been posted (and watch the web site for the latest posted over the next few days). You can acquire over 15 hours of CPD every year, train wherever or whenever you have access to the Internet and find that all your successfully completed courses are automatically recorded in your online account for future reference.

So whether you want to reread a copy of Computers & Law and gain online CPD, listen to seminars online on topics as diverse as Open Source, Intermediary Liability or Expert Determination – even Back to Basics on Service Levels – you will find enough to satisfy that yawning gap here

And here is the beauty of SCL’s online CPD scheme. Not only can you save thousands of pounds on expensive conference fees, travel costs and out of office time, but SCL seminars, magazine issues and courses are informative and tailored to the SCL member’s needs. What’s more some of it is fun listening. Not just no yawning gap – no yawning either.

Not a member of SCL? Don’t despair. You can join for just £110 and start doing SCL courses well before the CPD guillotine falls. Join here.