SCL: New Era, New Image, New Logo

November 1, 1998

The new logo represents the twin concerns of the Society, IT law and ITapplications in the law, streaming together to form a whole, a unity whichspells out a simple message. The overall design, from Ken Planter at Graphic inBristol, is also emphatic in its use of an image which reflects the actual useof computers rather than any part of the hardware of the machines themselves.

SCL has also signed up with a PR firm, JBP, who aim to foster the coverage ofSCL’s activities in the legal and national press. This move arises from anincreasing conviction that the Society’s value to members of the profession maysimple be missed – an astonishing number of those concerned with IT in theirdaily practice remain ignorant of the sort of help and guidance which can begleaned by membership of SCL. Of almost equal importance is the view that SCLhas much to contribute in consideration by Government and major bodies of issueswhich affect IT and the law but that it is not always seen as the proper body tocontribute to discussion of those issues. SCL aims to be seen as the definitivebody for consultation on such matters.