Australian-based Expert Systems Charity

August 11, 2013

Grays Institute is a new registered Australian charity, based in Sydney:

The purpose of the charity is to provide a free online library of legal expert systems, using the superexpert shell, eGanges. There are two initial applications of the shell available for use on the website with an operational version of java. A third application is ready to add to the library.

The design of eGanges is the doctoral work of the trustee of the charity, Pamela N. Gray LL.B.(Melb), BA (Melb), LL.M.(Syd), PhD (Wsyd); it was programmed and verified by Xenogene Gray Bsc (Adv)(Hons)(Syd), M.Phil (MQ), Grad Dip Ed (MQ), who is a computational physicist and mathematician.

The charity plans to expand the library by donations of applications from specialist lawyers, and/or through money donations to the charity which will be used to engage specialist lawyers to construct applications. The work of construction of applications should suit the interests of retiring specialist lawyers. The charity will provide free licences of eGanges and technical support to specialist lawyers for these purposes.

eGanges applications can be linked to AustLII and other LIIs. Thus the charity’s library will be the intelligent front end to the black letter law databases, established in various countries around the world by AustLII. The library can house different national collections and an international law collection.

The charity adheres to the age old view of law as a peace-making process. It seeks to minimise injustice by expanding access to law. The technology may also reveal unnecessary complexity of laws, with a view to law reform that will simplify the law. It also offers a way of measuring the complexity of law because its design automates adversarial four-value logic, with its hierarchical combinatorics. This measurement was posed in an international conference paper in March 2013 at INTED in Valencia, Spain:

Despite the complexity of its design and automation, eGanges is a quality control, user-friendly shell; university students could construct applications after only one hour of training.

The development of eGanges was funded by the Australian federal government through a University of Western Sydney Australian Postgraduate Award to the trustee for her doctoral work, costing about $75,000. The charity has offered free licences of eGanges to the federal government so that it could provide donations of systems to the library.

Specialist donations of eGanges applications can be arranged by contacting the trustee at Money donations to the charity can be made to the charity’s CBA trust account, namely the account of Pamela Noel Gray in trust for Grays Institute at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, University of Sydney Branch, BSB: 062-284, Account number: 1044 7041.