IBIS Initiative

August 31, 1998

The IBIS work programme will be implemented bythe IBIS Unit; this replaces the CCCJS (Co-ordination of Computerisation in theCriminal Justice System) but, as part of a developing new work programme, iscontinuing to support its projects.

`IBIS is a truly joint initiative between theHome Office, Lord Chancellor’s Department and Crown Prosecution Service’explained Alan Norbury, Head of the IBIS Unit. ‘This means IBIS will be ableto ensure that a ‘`whole system approach’‘ is taken when developinginformation systems and that associated business processes are designed to takefull advantage of the benefits offered by technology. IT and information systemsare becoming a fundamental part of the criminal justice system and betterintegration offers huge opportunities to improve overall performance. The IBISinitiative will help to deliver this by developing a more co-ordinated approachto IS/IT: this supports the Government’s objective of establishing jointstrategic planning in the criminal justice system. Ministers will be taking aclose interest in what we do.

The membership of the IBIS board, who willdirect the initiative, reflects the joint approach: it consists of John Halliday,Director, Criminal Policy, Home Office; Ian Burns, Director-General, Policy,Lord Chancellor’s Department; Mark Addison, Chief Executive, Crown ProsecutionService; and Joan MacNaughton, Chief Executive, Police Information TechnologyOrganisation.

Alan Norbury regards the collaborative nature ofthe initiative, with people participating in it from all levels of the criminaljustice system, as vital to its success: ‘If we are to communicate the‘`whole system’‘ concept effectively, IBIS must be, and be seen to be, abroadly-based structure. Therefore the IBIS unit will be staffed by people fromall three departments. In addition, we will be recruiting practitioners toensure that the practicalities of implementing proposed policies are examinedfully. The top priority for the IBIS board is to develop an IS/IT strategy forthe criminal justice system. In advance of the strategy, the board is ensuringthat decisions taken on individual projects are consistent with the whole systemapproach.’

Alan Norbury expects the IBIS initiative to makea positive contribution towards achieving the overarching aims and objectivesfor the criminal justice system set out in the cross-departmental review,particularly in speeding up the time it takes to deal with criminal cases and inmeeting the needs of victims.

Further information about IBIS is available fromAnna Au, Administrative Support Office, IBIS, Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AT– 0171 273 3538.