IFCLA Conference in Antwerp

May 8, 2014

This year’s IFCLA Conference, IT Law at the Crossroads, will focus on the interaction between IT law and other sectors such as healthcare, telecom, cloud computing, finance and big data. The Conference features an array of strong speakers from many different jurisdictions, with the UK being well represented. With the increasingly international nature of IT law, the insights that arise from the range of views at this unique event give an extra dimension to UK’s practising IT lawyers and may open doors both intellectually and physically. As a networking event with international dimensions, the IFCLA Conference has few equals. The quality of the social side of the event is worth a mention too. Antwerp is one of the great cities of Europe, with an enviable history and the historic buildings and artefacts that go with that – though often overlooked, it is one of those European cities that one might well visit for pleasure not just IT law enlightenment. A taste of that comes with welcome drinks on Wednesday 4 June 2014 in the magnificent baroque Rockoxhouse, situated in the historical centre of Antwerp, which will be combined with an exclusive guided visit through the superb house and the impressive art collection.

The Conference itself will cover a range of other areas of law – competition law, contract law (outsourcing), intellectual property law, criminal law, privacy law and M&A. There are a number of breakout sessions to choose from too. The first day’s events conclude with a gala dinner, held in the Museum aan de Stroom, a stunning modern museum.

SCL members can attend at the associate organisations’ rate and can still take advantage of an early bird rate of €940 (until 15 May). It really is a special opportunity to attend a memorable event.

You can learn more here.