SCL South West Group

October 28, 2014

Thank you to all who responded to our enquiry regarding the revival of a South West Group; the response has been very positive and there is a clear desire for the group to reform.  We are pleased to say that the formation of a new regional group is also supported by the SCL Trustees.

We feel that the next step should be to organise a trial event to be held in the region and we are very keen to hear your ideas on a topic for this event. The aim would be to hold an event around March 2015.  We would also use this event as an opportunity to discuss forming a small committee with responsibility for developing a rolling programme of events for the group.

Please email with your thoughts on topics for the launch event.

Thank you for your support so far and we wish everyone the best for the season.

Stewart, James & Ed


Do you want to get involved in a new SCL regional group?

With its growing attraction to high-level technology industries and higher profile reputation for innovation, the South West has received the ultimate accolade among the cognoscenti: it is now known as Silicon Gorge.  So the natural question for SCL members is whether there is an appetite for the resurrection of the SCL South West Group – offering seminars, events and networking opportunities.

Stewart James of Ashfords and James Touzel and Ed Hayes of TLT are interested in testing the water. They are proposing to arrange a couple of initial trial events and, if if there is sufficient interest, they will reform the South West Group. They envisage a regional group that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing and discourage partisan ‘selling’ to in-house lawyers and developer, commercial managers and other non-lawyers.

If you are interested in this idea or would like to be involved in organising events, get in touch with and we will keep you informed of any developments.