Product Recall

January 20, 2015

We appreciate that times are hard. For some, times may be so hard that the Christmas stocking may have been supplemented with the fun of magnets, as exemplified by the name badge acquired at a recent SCL event. (Though it didn’t go down well with my wife: Ed.) But now we suspect that the joy of that gift has diluted and you can safely sneak the badge away and return it to SCL.

We also appreciate that SCL members are busy. Some are so busy that they don’t know what day it is or, like Andrew Mitchell MP (allegedly), have to ask ‘Do you know who I am?’ For them, we realise that a little reminder in the way of an SCL name badge may be vital. But, if you are not so busy as to have forgotten who you are, could you possibly return your name badge(s) to SCL?

Moreover, and in the true spirit of product recall, we are concerned that our magnetised name badges might damage your hard drive. Well, we are pretty sure that, when hammered through the centre of your hard drive, they can cause damage.

But, seriously, our badges are expensive and we need to re-use them as often as possible. If you have one (or more), please return to SCL at 338 Wells Road, Bristol BS4 2QL, and be sure to leave the next one behind when you leave an SCL meeting.