City Disputes Panel Announces Year 2000 Initiative

April 30, 1998

This Panel has been specifically created to resolve disputes which may arisefrom the millennium date change.

The CDP Y2K Panel is available to the financial services industry, itsclients and their advisers. The Panel offers:

  • an alternative to traditional litigation in the courts
  • an expert panel ready to act swiftly and confidentially
  • panellists trained for millennium disputes.

CDP Y2K offers various techniques which include non-binding disputeresolution, neutral evaluation, contractually binding determination, legallyenforceable arbitration and an expert case management service. CDP panellistsare chosen for their suitability to the case, and for their independence andimpartiality. The subject matter of a dispute is married to the expertise of thepanellists; this avoids needless explanations, promotes economy of effort andsaves time and costs.

Members of the CDP Y2K Panel who will act as tribunal chairmen include the RtHon The Lord Mustill, the Rt Hon Sir Brian Neill, the Rt Hon Sir ChristopherStaughton, the Rt Hon Sir John Balcombe, the Rt Hon Sir Iain Glidewell and V VVeeder QC. Other panel members will be provided from CDP’s existing team ofpractitioners and from leading professional firms.

CDP Y2K Panel members have been trained in the principal issues relating tothe Y2K problem. In addition, the CDP Y2K Panel has established, with theassistance of Baker & McKenzie, a website which is now being developed intoa major source of know-how on Y2K topics. New Law Publishing will provideimmediate reports of relevant decisions in the English courts on the website.

The CDP Y2K Panel is ready to operate in both London and Edinburgh, and theinitiative is seen by the Bank of England and by Scottish Financial Enterpriseas an important part of the overall preparations for handling the Y2K issue.Alastair Clark, Executive Director of the Bank of England has said ‘Thefinancial sector is devoting a lot of time and effort to the Y2K issue. The aim,obviously, is to minimise the risk of disruption. Equally obviously, it makessense to prepare against the possibility that something may go wrong, and theCDP’s initiative is a welcome contribution to that process.’

The panel can be contacted on 0171 638 4775.