Predictions 2016: Justin Dear

December 2, 2015

As the media looks for new ways to develop with print runs shrinking, my main prediction for 2016 is that there will be a concerted move towards exploiting the growing use of mobile technology and away from traditional websites.

In particular the development of mobile specific apps will grow as media organizations seek to develop one-on-one relationships with readers, especially younger readers who are increasingly relying only on mobiles to gain the information they want.

The fun part is that this will also attract the advertising industry which has already made strides in this direction. This means that your everyday news reader can look forward to more content designed to work with smartphone technology (a good thing) and {i}far{/i} more advertising directed at the individual (not so good).

There will also be a growth in video both for sending news content and for advertising.

So something for everyone really.

{b}Justin Dear, Head of Online News Desk (Asia-Pacific), Agence france-Presse{/b}