Predictions 2016: Antony Hall

December 9, 2015

In 2016 I predict we will see the Government redouble its efforts to transform the country’s public services through the support and adoption of digital technologies. The UK is a world leader in open data and great strides have already been taken by the Government Digital Service (GDS) to improve services and empower citizens through the smarter use of technology and data (the award-winning and G-Cloud procurement platform are notable examples).

Last month’s spending review revealed that the Government will be throwing £1.8bn at digital technology and transformation projects over the next four years. Will this investment usher in the smarter future that policy makers are hoping for? At present many city and local councils act in silos and lack the in-house expertise to analyse and exploit the data they generate. It will be interesting to see whether Government will become better consumers of data in order to fully harness the opportunity.

{b}Antony Hall is a Partner and Head of Commercial Services at Mincoffs Solicitors LLP{/b}