Predictions 2016: Chris Pounder

December 16, 2015

The GDPR will be roundly criticised in the UK.

Privacy Advocates will claim it allows Member States too much flexibility with the exemptions, with consent, profiling and that the level of fines are too low.

Data controllers and data processors will complain about the prescriptive nature of its provisions, especially with respect to documentation, data loss and transfers outside the EEA.

The Secretary of State (John Whittingdale) will stay within the limits of cabinet collective responsibility but only just. He will mutter in the background that the GDPR is a typical example of objectionable Euro-nonsense, imposed on UK business by a set of European Greens, that adds weight to the argument of those who claim that the UK should leave the EU.

The European Data Protection Board will adopt FIFA’s voting system to resolve disputes so that each country has one vote irrespective of its population size.

{b}Dr Chris Pounder, Amberhawk Training Limited.{/b}