Call for Contributions: GDPR Analysis

January 5, 2016

For PR companies everywhere (some of whom still think that I might not have noticed that agreement has been reached on the GDPR), I will start with what I don’t want. I don’t want a 600-word piece telling SCL readers that there has been a major change in data protection law and that they had better watch out. I think there may be an SCL member somewhere who does not know that, and we hope that he or she awakes from the coma soon.

For the more savvy, I don’t {i}think{/i} I want a 4,000 word analysis covering every aspect of the GDPR (not even sure if that can be done). But, if it is truly brilliant, we might publish that on our web site, or at least point to it, so I am interested in hearing about your ‘white paper’ or whatever you insist on calling it.

I think the best way to cover what is the biggest change to data protection in my time with {i}Computers & Law{/i}, which covers many aeons, is to pick out a range of topics and deal with them in depth. So, I am looking for suggested topics and contributors on any identifiable issue that seems worth covering. I have a list of sorts: penalties, the role of the data protection officer, the one-stop shop (that isn’t quite), international impact (beyond and including the USA), the GDPR and cloud, the effect of the two-year wait (a short one but important for those planning long-term), teenage consent, consent generally (a long one that), the ICO and funding, small and medium sized businesses (which may have loophole potential) and PIAs. And the Directive needs at least one article too.

I would very much like to hear your suggestions for topics, and feel free to volunteer to contribute OR to just point me in a direction that you think might bear fruit. Perhaps, SCL’s bumper data protection update day will produce ideas – there is an {unmissable seminar:} on 28 January (Data Protection Day).

I am delighted to say that Jon Baines has already volunteered for the piece on the role of the data protection officer so we are off to a great start!