ICO Consultation on Privacy Notices Code of Practice

February 2, 2016

On 2 February, the ICO published a revised Privacy notices code of practice. It is seeking views on that Code from those interested by 23 March.

The aim of the revision is ‘to provide more guidance on how to make privacy notices more engaging and effective and to emphasise the importance of providing individuals with greater choice and control over what is done with their personal data’. As Jo Pedder observes in a blog post announcing the publication and relevant consultation, the Code ‘has not been revised for several years and … this is a long time in the digital world’.

The ICO is recommending ‘a more blended approach’ to the use of privacy notices with just-in-time messaging and short videos mentioned as options. The revised Code attempts to take account of the GDPR and be more apposite for users of smartphones and tablets.

The consultation, which can be accessed here, closes on 23 March. It is in two parts, with initial questions seeking views on the revised Cod itself followed by a description of the tools and resources the ICO is considering developing to complement the code of practice.