The Blockchain Conundrum: Call for Contributions

February 23, 2016

We all have blank spots. You can ask me to spell broccoli every day for a week and I will still have to resort to the dictionary from time to time. Back in the day, my inability to do YMCA in time robbed me of the chance to join the Village People (though there may have been other factors at play too). My new blank spot is blockchain. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I read about it, the door to understanding remains closed.

But I wasn’t prepared to leave it at that. The recent article from {Andres Guadamuz and Chris Marsden:} has brought a chink of light and I am keen to turn the floodlights on and illuminate the topic fully. I suspect that SCL members and other readers of this blog post may be perfectly equipped to supply suggestions for articles on blockchain and aspects of distributed ledger technology that will supplement the excellent piece we already have. Articles might focus more on specific potential use-cases or discuss what might differentiate a good use case from one that could be better achieved using existing technology.

I would like to hear from potential contributors. Feel free to email me at