Proposal for a Convention on Electronic Evidence

April 17, 2016

As a widely acknowledged specialist in the field of electronic evidence, barrister and author Stephen Mason has taken the first steps in the drafting of a Convention on Electronic Evidence.

Having given many talks to judges and others in legal practice, Stephen considers that there is a real need for accepted guidance and has concluded that it will be useful to have a Convention on Electronic Evidence. In the absence of any work on such a convention by an international or regional organization (although some work has been done by some), he seeks to initiate the discussion on such a convention.

His initial draft can be accessed here:

Stephen Mason is looking for others to get involved in the process and spread the word about this exercise across the world. As Stephen says, ‘the more scholars, judges, lawyers and digital evidence specialists that take part in this enterprise, the better it ought to be.’

The plan is for the drafting phase to close at the end of September 2016, and for the Convention to be published in the Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review [] in the autumn of 2016.