SCL Essay Prize Launched

November 9, 2016

You can push as hard as you like to open the door on a career in tech law but sometimes the door is very sticky. Indeed, sometimes it is locked. SCL is offering a way to ease that entry – it might even lead you to find the golden key to the locked door.

If you are a student (undergraduate, taught postgraduate, or research postgraduate) currently registered at an accredited academic institution or legal practitioner training course and you seriously want to advance your career in tech law then there is one obvious step that you can take to further your hopes of a future career in tech law. Entrants in the SCL Essay Prize competition are likely to get noticed. The winner gets a chance to look for that golden key but experience suggest that runners-up gain greatly improved access to job interviews and other career enhancing opportunities.

Check out the very postive feedback from two of last year’s entrants ( eg ‘I highly encourage any student with an interest in tech law to pick up their pens and give this year’s essay questions a go’: Lucie Audibert) and note that the questions give a range of options that can fit with your study.

And, for most students, the £250 for the winner wouldn’t go amiss.