Predictions 2017.7 – Paul Gershlick

December 6, 2016

As the NHS buckles under the strains of increasing demands from an ageing population with multiple needs, there is only one thing that can save the system (other than huge wads of money that the country does not seem willing to agree to): efficiency, and on a scale never seen before in the NHS. And there is only one thing that can enable the efficiency on the scale needed – an urgent massive uptake in the use of IT and big data across all aspects of the system. I cannot say which way this will go. So I am hedging my bets with my prediction this year – either a massive uptake on IT and use of data within the NHS, or the system crumbling. I know which I’d rather see happen, but I fear the uptake will not be enough for what is needed.

{b}{i}Paul Gershlick is a Partner and Head of Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences at Veale Wasbrough Vizards: