Working Groups

April 30, 2000

The launch of the SCL Working Groups on 27 March at Clifford Chance was a resounding success – it was an exciting and productive session aimed at moving SCL forward with a whole range of initiatives on IT law and IT applications. There was a real buzz and some interesting alliances were created on the spot.

The meeting was called by SCL Chairmen John Irving and Harry Small so that the Society can benefit from the great reservoir of skills and experience among its members. A whole range of topics were identified as of interest to the membership and more were suggested during the course of the day’s proceedings. After an initial introduction the group split up to discuss matters of particular interest to them, such as matters involving e-commerce or IT applications in particular spheres. The sessions were facilitated by Julian Boardman-Weston and Sally Woodward; they briefed group conveners as to the techniques to be used in brainstorming and identifying deliverable policy goals and intervened in the course of group discussions during the course of the day.

Without doubt e-commerce created the greatest stir with a whole range of sub-groups looking at many different aspects of e-commerce such as consumer and business contracts, consumer protection and convergence. However there are a host of practical initiatives relating to IT applications too – the moves to produce an SCL law guide for beginners in IT law were particularly well thought out and there was a commitment to produce practical documentary assistance (such as a guide to sources of funding for consultancy for small legal practices and a survey proposal relating to the use of litigation support to build on other work done in that area).

The Working Groups created were:


• IT in dispute resolution

• Small firms

• Knowledge management

• SCL Law Guide


• Contract Law Electronically

Consumer protection

Contract law

• Convergence

• Dispute resolution

• E-signatures/requirements of form

• Intellectual property

• Security and workplace privacy

• Strategies

It is not too late to be involved in the work of a group. Any SCL member who is keen to be involved should contact Ruth Baker at; give details of the Group in which you would like to be involved and the nature of the contribution you would like to make.