Predictions 2017.18 – Kevin Gidney

December 16, 2016

The buzz around AI will cool off in favour of actual applications and business solutions built on practical AI platforms. The AI buzz was in full swing in 2016, around what the technologies could possibly do to improve or obsolete certain functions and jobs. But the challenge has been what does it really mean (as very few people can articulate the concept very well), and how can someone use it for business benefit?

This is typical of a ‘hype cycle’, but in 2017, the buzz will cool off and we will start to see broader adoption within organisations, particularly in data analysis and deriving insight from data. A major transition will be with solutions that utilise AI, but are built for business users (not data scientists or highly trained users) and specific applications.

{b}{i}Kevin Gidney is Founder & Chief Technical Officer, Seal Software