BAILLI: Business Plan and Call for Funds

January 1, 2002

The BAILII trustees have put together an impressive business plan (obtainable from which covers the period 2002 to 2004. The Chairman of the Trustees, Sir Henry Brooke, is writing to prospective donors indicating an immediate requirement to raise £126,000 for operational purposes in 2002, which will enable the project to become a fully-funded service of the highest quality and reliability. The objective is to tap into long-term, recurrent, academic and European funds thereafter.

Contributors will be afforded recognition on the site, which is already being accessed by over 10,000 people a week – a figure which is likely to increase greatly as BAILII develops. Sponsors who contribute more than £1,000 will be encouraged to nominate a representative to sit on an Advisory Committee. This will give them an opportunity to have an insider’s view of progress and to offer suggestions and advice for consideration by the trustees and staff.

Laurie West-Knights QC, one of the trustees, can be contacted by prospective sponsors. He expects the slots to be filled quickly as in the first round of funding. His e-mail is