Solutions Snippets!

June 30, 2003

Secure Communications

CipherPack Pro

Adequate data protection requires security for employees (stationary or mobile) and networks, and this solution offers assistance in both areas. Supplied in the form of a CD-Rom, the solution is installed with the help of a wizard and operates on the basis of data encryption so recipients can decrypt the information without the need for corresponding proprietary software installed on their computer.

It functions on a ‘Hex’ password principle so that dictionary password attacks are virtually impossible, while transferred files are ‘branded’ so that the identity of the sender can be authenticated, before opening the file. The solution also allows executable files to pass through firewalls as though non-executable, although even if the sender is known to the recipient an anti-virus scan is always advisable to ensure that the file is not infected.

Contact Point

Supplier: Braintree Security

Price: £40.00



Lawyers on the Move

Blackberry Handheld

Originating from the US, this powerful pocket package is now available in the UK. It supports channel data speeds of some 11,000 bps, and the configuration of its channels enables data transmission at a speed almost equivalent to that of a 56K modem.

It is designed to operate as a GPRS ‘always-on’ device and its attraction is its secure interactivity with office servers. Although operating independently, its diary and scheduler facilities are at their most valuable when connecting to office servers. In this context, the e-mail facility is especially useful as, in the same way as Palm devices, it can be synchronised with office systems such as Exchange and Notes. Security is achieved through a combination of user passwords, supported by a triple DES encryption application and its encryption technology has been validated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

However, it is expensive – at £2,500 for installation on the server (for 20 users), and £399 for each device, as well as £39 per month per device for use of the GPRS network facilities. At these prices, for the time being it is only likely to be an option for the most technologically committed law firms.

Contact Point

Supplier: O2

Price: £2,500 (licence); £399 per device; £39 per month, per device, network subscription

Tel: 01753 565000