IT Disputes Interest Group

March 1, 2004

The objectives of the IT Dispute Interest Group include education and training and the provision of a forum for the sharing of experiences and to consider the practices of the Courts and other dispute resolution bodies in IT disputes. Commenting on the launch, Mark Culbert, the Group’s chairman said:

“The increasing reliance upon technology inevitably leads to more disputes, and the more important IT is to a business, the more serious are the consequences of any dispute. This Group has been established to educate both our members and non-members, and to allow those involved in the IT field to share experiences, either as a result of litigation or helping to keep projects on track. The Group is entirely neutral in its outlook and values input from both users and suppliers.”

The Group’s programme of talks for 2004 currently includes:

22 April 2004

“Trying IT Cases” HH Peter Bowsher QC

29 June 2004

“Mediation of IT Disputes: Avoiding Pitfalls” Clive Freedman

For further information, please contact Caroline Gould at SCL HQ or any of the Group’s committee members:-

Mark Culbert (Chairman)


Jill Bainbridge


Mark Davenport


Sara Ellacott


Clive Freedman

Barrister and Mediator

David Halliday


Jon Spain


Tony Sykes

IT Expert