SCL Wales

March 1, 2001

Any visitor to the Regional Group section of the SCL Web sitewill have noticed that clicking on Wales on the map of Great Britain leadsnowhere. The reason for this is that until now Wales is the only area notserviced by an SCL Regional Group. I say ‘until now’ as I recently attendedmy first SCL event and during the evening, following a few glasses of wine and abrief discussion with SCL Events Co-Ordinator, Caroline Gould, I apparently‘volunteered’ to help establish the group.

The Need

The SCL’s Regional Groups play a major part in the continuedsuccess and growth of the SCL, organising local seminars, keeping local membersinformed of national initiatives and bringing together those interested in thearea.

Wales itself has clearly earmarked e-commerce as central to itscommercial development over the next decade. The Welsh Assembly have appointed aMinister for e-business and have adopted a business plan which seeks to ensurethat at least 50% of Welsh businesses will be using e-commerce by 2003. Therelatively cheap set-up and labour costs associated with Wales and the excellenttransport links in the South, which have already lead to South Wales becoming amajor base for many telephone call centres, make Wales an ideal candidate forIT-related businesses and other e-businesses over the next decade.

Local lawyers must not only have the knowledge and expertise toservice this ever-increasing client base but must also themselves be able tocapture the potential of the IT systems available. In Morgan Cole we have adedicated team of e-commerce and IT personnel which have been working in thearea for many years. Other large South Wales firms have IT specialists. The needhowever for knowledge of IT Law and new systems is not confined to the majorcities and stretches throughout Wales.

The Future

The existing membership list in Wales already includes lawyers,IT professionals, and academics. It is intended that through local marketingthis membership be significantly increased.

The members are currently undergoing a period of consultation toascertain their needs from the Regional Group in Wales. Following this, acommittee will be established and it is anticipated that, through the committee,the Group will run a series of seminars, both legal and IT based, and produce aregular e-mail bulletin for members.

Anyone who is interested in joining SCL Wales, has any ideas oris willing to become a committee member should contact Lee Fisher or ChristopherSweetman at Morgan Cole’s Cardiff Office. E-mail: lee.fisher@morgan-cole.comor

Lee Fisher is a solicitor specialising in IT and E-Commercerelated litigation at the Cardiff Office of Morgan Cole.