SCL in Ireland

March 1, 2001

Plans are afoot to set up a new SCL group in the Republic ofIreland. It may come as a surprise to many that such a group has not beenestablished to date, given the role of information technology in Ireland’sbooming economy and the Celtic Tiger’s proud position as the world’s biggest exporter of software.

However, one result of the successful SCL Boot Camp in Bristolin February has been the decision of one of the Irish delegates to get the ballrolling back home and to encourage Irish lawyers to take an active role in thesociety. Niall O’Neill, a solicitor with the Dublin based law firm Partners AtLaw, will be contacting lawyers throughout the country in coming weeks to invitethem to help with the new project. It is hoped that the first meeting of the newgroup will take place in the near future in Dublin and that before long acountry-wide network will be launched with close links to the various groups inBritain.

Niall graduated with a masters degree in Computers and Law fromQueen’s University Belfast before joining Partners At Law in 1997. The firm,which was founded a few years previously, encouraged and promoted IT for lawyersfrom the outset and was one of the first Irish law firms to launch its own Website. Niall recently joined the IT committee of the Dublin Solicitors BarAssociation.

Niall would welcome any thoughts, suggestions or ideas fromanyone who might be interested in the new group.

E-mail:;Partners At Law, 8 Adelaide Street, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, 00 353 (0)1280 0340.