June 30, 2005

In-house and private practice representatives of the customer and supplier legal community will present their different perspectives on the key stages of major IT/outsourcing projects and the related legal issues at SCL’s major 2006 Conference.

In each of the sessions, there will be talks by lawyers representing the customer and the supplier view, followed by a panel session. There will be a dinner on the Friday evening with Richard Christou, the Chairman of Fujitsu Services, as the guest speaker.

The Conference will follow a romantic theme with topics such as “Dressed to kill”, “Serial dating”, “Engagement and marriage” and, sadly, “Breaking up is hard to do”. But, as ever with SCL events, the focus is on hard-nosed negotiating realities and the speakers will reflect a real mastery of the way outsourcing deals work in practice.

The opportunities for exchanges of view within the official Conference will be matched by ample opportunities to rub shoulders with representatives from the other side of the great divides: in-house lawyers will get a chance to understand more of the outlook of the private practitioner and vice versa and outsourcers will get an improved insight into the outlook of the outsourcees.

The venue for the event is the Randolph Hotel, a city-centre hotel overlooking the Ashmolean Museum.

Full details are to be published on the SCL Web site shortly but bookings can be made now.