DCMS Consultation: Security of Network and Information Systems

August 7, 2017

 In ‘Security
of Network and Information Systems: Public Consultation
’, the DCMS asks for
views on a wide-ranging set of proposals which principally focus on the
implementation of the EU NIS Directive. The consultation period concludes on 30
September 2017. The DCMS aims to seek views from industry, regulators and other
interested parties on the Government’s plans to transpose the Directive into UK
legislation. It sets out the Government’s proposed transposition approach and
asks a series of questions on a range of detailed policy issues relating to

There is to be a meeting
to formulate the SCL response to the DCMS Consultation on Security of Network
and Information Systems on 13 September
and members unable to attend are
encouraged to send in any written comments as soon as possible to the SCL
 who will collate them for discussion.

There are clear links to the National
Cybersecurity Strategy
published in 2016.

Highlighted matters include the suggestion that organisations
who fail to implement effective cybersecurity measures could be fined as much
as £17 million or 4% of global turnover. Views are sought, in particular, on:

  • the essential services the directive needs to
  • penalties
  • the competent authorities to regulate and audit
    specific sectors
  • security measures imposed
  • timelines for incident reporting#.