Information from Litigation Support Providers

April 4, 2007

Just six providers have responded to date. Their submissions are set out below.

Kroll Ontrack – Litigation Support Providers

About us

Kroll Ontrack provides consultancy, services and software for the collection, processing, investigation, production and presentation of electronic and paper-based evidence. It has been at the forefront of electronic evidence developments and litigation support services in Europe and the U.S since their inceptions in the 1990’s. Kroll Ontrack is the first in the world to provide a complete end-to-end litigation support solution.

Kroll Ontrack’s solutions are used to help the world’s leading law firms, corporations, government agencies and individuals manage their information more efficiently.  It does this via its 13 offices and five laboratories that are strategically placed around the globe and staffed by experienced engineers, professionally qualified legal consultants, software developers and skilled customer support staff.

Kroll Ontrack is dedicated to developing new technologies and associated services that solve the problems and mitigate risk associated with the collection, storage and use of electronic data and paper documents.

Our work

We have the ability to recover and analyse deleted, slack, partial, meta, embedded, hidden and even transient data. With the legal and technical expertise of our entire team, we can provide service far beyond a simple investigation. Your case will benefit from:

• Secure investigations laboratory
• Multiple industry standard tools
• Proprietary software applications
• Cross checking and verification through at least two tools
• Onsite data collection
• Data preservation with strict chain of custody procedures
• Multi-million pound R&D investment in the UK and US
• Archive of tape drives capable of handling nearly any back-up tape
• Easy to understand expert witness reports for your review and presentation in court

Computer forensics

Kroll Ontrack provides a full spectrum of electronic evidence capabilities, whether it is one component or the entire suite. It isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution, but a bespoke solution for any type of case you have.

Electronic Disclosure

Kroll Ontrack provides a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for electronic disclosure which are supported by an experienced team of legal consultants, project managers and technical experts. Collecting and reviewing electronic evidence is an increasing challenge as computers become the new filing cabinets for companies.

Courtroom Services

Courtroom services are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK legal system. Kroll Ontrack provides a comprehensive range of integrated courtroom services ranging from consultancy and training to the implementation of complex technical infrastructures. These services are supported by skilled teams of legal consultants, project managers and technical experts who have significant experience in supporting legal professionals in multiple locations and with varying legal or technical needs.

Digital Forensics

Our consultants have been involved in cases of:
IP Theft
Employment Disputes
Executive Misconduct
Murder Investigations
Courtroom Testimony
Consultancy/Expert Report

For further information please contact:
Kroll Ontrack:

Kroll Ontrack, Tower Place West, London, EC3R 5BU,  United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7549 9600

Chris Dale Lawyer Support



Who you are and where to find you


Chris Dale

Chris Dale Lawyer Support


Place:                        Oxford

Tel:                 01865463033







What part of the problem do you address?





After leaving Oxford, I qualified as a solicitor in 1980 and have worked since 1993 as a developer of litigation software and in all aspects of litigation support and e-Disclosure, both as a consultant at a strategic and project level and in hands-on data preparation.


I also work with lawyers and others who need to manage e-Disclosure but who do not have the internal resources or knowledge to get started.


I am known as a commentator on technical e-Disclosure matters, on recent and pending changes to the Court Rules, and on the litigation support market.





Strategic and Readiness Advice


·        Strategic advice on implementing litigation support

·        System selection

·        Acting in the capacity of litigation support manager

·        Project management

·        Selection of sub-contractors

·        Litigation readiness, both generally and for a specific case


Case Management


·        Helping lawyers advise their clients as to their Disclosure obligations

·        Managing the collection of potentially disclosable electronic documents

·        Compliance with Court rules and Protocols

·        Representing firms in negotiations with opponents as to data exchange

·        Advising as to requests made and received for formal case management

·        Ad hoc advice and involvement as required


Data Handling


·        Hands-on data preparation for first-pass review

·        Involvement to whatever extent required in the preparation of Disclosure lists

·        Conversion of documents data for giving and receiving electronic Disclosure


How do you differentiate yourself from others?


I have worked both as a practicing litigation lawyer and in litigation support. I combine practical hands-on experience of both with an informed understanding of the legal, business and technical context. I can hold my own equally with your clients, your opponents, your IT staff and your suppliers, and am uniquely qualified to help at every level from the board-room to the minutiae of data-handling.


From Palmer Legal Technologies

Who You Are and How To find You

Palmer Legal Technologies was established in 2006, by six former employees of one of the world’s largest, legal technologies companies. At all levels through the company, we have a vast amount of experience that will ensure that a project is in safe hands. Our mission is to provide a high quality and proportionate service at better value than our competitors.

Palmer Legal Technologies’ offices are based on the outskirts of London, in Kingston-upon-Thames.
We can be contacted by:

Tel: +44 (0)208 247 0345
Fax: +44 (0)208 549 2220
What Part of the Problem Do You Address?

Forensic investigation of computers & Part 35 Expert Witness reports (party appointed & single joint experts)
Data capture from IT systems, anywhere in the world
Part 25 Search & Seizure orders
Backup tape, data extraction
De-duplication and keyword filtering of e-documents and e-mails
Online, document review database set-up & management
PLT covers the entire process, from deciding what e-documents or data to search right through to providing reports, lever-arch files or on-line databases of documents for review.
No job is too small for us and none is too big – from dealing with a DVD that a client has provided through forensic investigation of a single computer to disclosure of large email data sources. Our staff members have an extremely high degree of technical competence blended with an excellent knowledge of legal processes and requirements.
Palmer Legal Technologies has designed its modular service to complement and support the modern lawyer or in-house litigation support team. We have a wide range of services, and the experience to assist whether the solicitor is experienced in these processes, or whether this is the first time that he or she has found it necessary to involve a legal technologies supplier.

How You Differentiate Yourself From Others

• We are totally independent of any specific piece of technology and will recommend the right solution to fit the project.
• No project is too small or too big for us and we welcome the chance to assist with even the smallest requirement such as simply looking at a CD-ROM and listing the documents on it.
• Our areas of speciality are forensic computing, small to medium scale e-disclosure, e-mail back-up-tape extraction and recovery of data from corrupted/damaged sources.
• We are always mindful of the concept of proportionality and will look for a proportionate solution. We always provide proposals that fix costs as much as possible, so as to allow a solicitor to set the right expectation with his/her client.
• We can provide all the functions of an in-house litigation support department, or support an existing litigation support team with those elements of a project that it needs to outsource. We like to become ‘part of the team’.
• We do not perform scanning and coding of paper documents ourselves, but can arrange anything required to get a project completed. Nothing is too much trouble.

From RWM Data Management Ltd

RWM have been providing electronic disclosure since 1994 for both paper and electronic files. We aim to provide a total service from collection of documents through to return of discs containing our software Alphascan, which enables access from ANY PC running Windows.

How are we different?

Because we aim to provide a complete service we take responsibility for the whole project. There are no other suppliers to blame. We ensure that the project is successful.
We are not interested in quick fixes or cheap and cheerful solutions. We are looking for long-term relationships with our clients and will not compromise on quality.
We have probably been doing it longer than most and therefore have more experience, both good and bad. I think we have probably scanned more fraud-related paperwork than anyone else in the UK.

Because Alphascan is included on every disc and is accessible from any PC, it is very suitable for disclosure to multiple parties/locations. Despite this ease of access it is still very secure, everything on the disc is encrypted and is password protected.
We are about to go live with an on-line hosting solution, X-Cabinet Online. This will allow secure access without any plug-ins or downloads, appears to outperform other currently available products and will be ideal for disclosure.
All of RWM’s staff have been cleared to SC level.
Our premises and our procedures have been checked and approved by several government agencies.
Our confidentiality procedures are very rigid, ie we do not publish clients lists and will only provide client’s names as references with their permission.

RWM Data Management Ltd
Tel: +44(0)870 2406053
Fax: +44(0)1493 667657

From Trilantic

Trilantic are leaders in UK and European eDisclosure support, providing bespoke cost effective solutions for traditional and eDocument processing requirements. 
Trilantic delivers a complete service from data gathering, filtering and processing; database hosting and trial/ADR support.  In addition, Trilantic has teamed up with eMag Solutions to provide tape restoration and more recently Project Fusion enabling Deal and Dataroom solutions for the Legal and Financial Businesses to the UK and European market.
Trilantic differs from its competitors as it is the only UK eDisclosure company to provide an inclusive end-to-end service .Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our dedicated experts take away your headaches and leave you to handle the case.
For more information, visit our website at or contact our Managing Director Nigel Murray on +44 207 042 1000.
Trilantic has a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied customers.

From nmatrix Ltd

Who We Are and How to Find Us

nMatrix Ltd is the London office of EPIQ Systems, a NASDAQ listed leader in electronic discovery and document management services ( Besides London, we have offices in eight other locations, including New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago.  We are 23 on the Forbes Midas list of technology growth champions and 60 on Business 2.0’s 100 fastest growing tech companies
The London address is:
nMatrix Ltd,
128-129 Cheapside,
+44 (0)20 7367 9191

What Part of the Problem We Address

We concentrate primarily on e-data processing and the hosting of data.
 To this end we use our own rigorously tested software which is continually improved:
1. eDataMatrix For processing electronic data and for loading data from load files. The application connects directly to the API of the native file, rather than (as is the case in many competitors) relying on a generic file viewer to extract field information. We can deal with most forms of e-mail, including Lotus Notes, and are rigorous with standard file types, for instance, having the ability to extract track changes information and hidden headers in Powerpoint slides.
2. DocuMatrix  Our review tool – which is normally made available as a hosted review tool, but can also be purchased in-house if required.
• With regard to dealing with paper, we work closely with ECM ( who are specialists in scanning and document coding. However, we also have the flexibility to work with other scanning and coding providers should our clients demand it. EdataMatrix has a module for validating load files – ensuring consistent data loads from any source.
•How We Differentiate Ourselves from Others.
1. We are one of very few firms that work with our own software, giving us formidable expertise in the tools we use, and also the means to develop the software in order to respond to specific project or client demand.
2. We are one of the few large US processing firms to have opened up in London. This US connection is an invaluable source of experience and investment. At the same time thought, we have our own data centre and processing set-up, so we avoid problems of attracting US jurisdiction.
3. Processing:
• Our engine is continually upgraded to handle new file types.
• EdataMatrix accesses files via the native API, and handles complications such as embedded attachments or zips within zips within e-mails
• We can handle quantity as well as delivering quality
• Our two database model (production and hosting) gives clients the flexibility to refine their search strategies as they review their data.
4. Review Tool: This combines a simple view with deep functionality, including e-mail threading.  While typically we offer a hosted model, we can give law firm administrators significant control and functionality, including, but not restricted to:
• Easily customizable coding forms
• Powerful and flexible searching
• Ability to split documents and add/remove them
• Autofolder
• E-mail threading for visual analysis
• Workflow
• Native file review
• Prime OCR
• Robust printing functionality
• Powerful Export
5. Security
• Citrix
• Penetration tested
• Encrypted communications
• LurHQ monitoring of any attempt to access systems
6. Speed & Capacity
• Major installation of processing machines
• Staged deliveries – allowing lawyers to begin work quickly
• Many GB per day
• Standard machine template – easy to ramp up to demand
7. Rigid and Defensible Process
• Chain of Custody
• Media backed up and copied using industry standard tools to ensure no loss of file properties or meta-data
• Media tracked through the processing lifecycle
• Highly experienced and trained production staff
• Rigid QC standards ensure all data types and data exceptions are treated in a uniform and consistent way by all staff
• Password Cracking
8. Service Levels
• We have been repeatedly complimented by our clients on the quality of our service. All team members have years of experience either within law firms or with quality service providers
• Repeat business model key factor in developing sustained growth
• Maintenance of Risk, Issue and Action Logs and Regular updates and reports on processing progress and cost forecasts and variation against original plan
• Project Managers qualified to PRINCE methodology standards
9. Costs
• Straightforward pricing model allows effective cost estimation and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle.