SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme

Available exclusively online and open to all

The SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme is available exclusively online and is open to all.

It is a carefully selected programme of events, covering key tech law topics for:

  • anyone new to the tech law sector
  • anyone wanting an introduction to an unfamiliar topic
  • anyone wanting a refresher.

There is something for everyone at every level - in private practice, in-house or consulting or just interested in a particular aspect of tech law.

The SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme is available online

Learn from Experts

Each event is shaped and delivered by experts in the field, thought-leaders who have a thorough understanding of the topic and passion for sharing their knowledge and experience. Speakers are carefully chosen to ensure a balanced viewpoint covering legal and commercial perspectives.

Keeping it Relevant
The programme is consistently reviewed and updated to make sure we offer you the very latest in tech law training but if there’s something missing, or something you think we can do better, please let us know.

Flexible Training
You choose how to engage with the events and design a curriculum that suits you and your practice. To complete the programme and receive a Certificate of Completion you are required to take 12 modules.
The webinars can be purchased individually or as a complete package so you can take the course in your own time, wherever you are.

Get Accredited

Completion of the SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme will count significantly towards the SCL Accreditation Scheme. Under the scheme you will have the opportunity to become an accredited member of the Society, marking you out as true specialist practitioner in tech law. Please note that completion of the Programme alone will not be sufficient to qualify as an accredited SCL member. Find more details about the Accreditation Scheme
here The SCL Tech Law Essentials programme is available exclusively online and is open to all.

The modules
Each module comprises a webinar and a downloadable slide pack.

Once you have purchased a module or modules you have permanent access to the materials and can view them at any time. You can download a personal certificate of completion after viewing each module.

Each module costs £90 + VAT for SCL members and £160 + VAT for non-members. 

Concessionary rates are available for students and academics in full-time education, unemployed members or those experiencing financial hardship.

Please note that occasionally the “Foundations of IT Law” programme will still be referred to – this is because some of the modules were filmed before the programme was rebranded.

If you have any further queries about the SCL Tech Law Essentials programme or you would like to enquire about concessionary rates, please email for more information.

SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme - the Modules:

MODULE 1: Software Licensing Law
• Copyright concepts applicable to licensing
• Approaches to software licensing
• Open source licensing

MODULE 2: Key Elements of an IT Contract 
• Goods vs services/input vs outputs
• Acceptance and warranties 
• Typical payment arrangements
• IP provisions (including indemnities)
• Express IT remedies

MODULE 3: Outsourcing Law and Practice
• requirements capture 
• service levels and credits, 
• Payment mechanisms
• exclusion clauses, 
• Termination and exit issues

MODULE 4: Internet Law and Social Media
An overview of internet law – how the pieces of the jigsaw fit together (covering an overview of the relevant common law, statutory law and regulation)
Focus on digital marketing and adtech – regulatory and data privacy considerations
Internet content - Top 10 cases from around the world

MODULE 5: Negotiating IT Contracts
• The importance of preparation, from assembling the right team to identifying the key background information
• The lawyer's role in negotiation
• Future-proofing the contract
• The risks of proceeding without a fully negotiated agreement, and potential solutions.
• Specific areas of concern, including negotiating liability and indemnities

MODULE 6: IT Law in Corporate Transactions
• Due diligence and IT systems
• Warranties
• Open source

MODULE 7: Risk, Cyber and Computer Misuse
• Cyber security
• Computer misuse 
• Liability for cyber risks
• Insurance of cyber risks

MODULE 8: A-Z of Data Protection in the IT World
• Basic data protection concepts
• International data transfers 
• Model contracts, safe harbour, binding corporate rules

MODULE 9: Cloud Computing
• Key features of cloud contracts
• IP and data ownership in the cloud
• DP issues in the cloud 
• Lock-in, contingency and transferability

MODULE 10: Big Data and IoT
• What is data? (data v big data, what is the IoT)
• The law (rights, DP, monetisation)
• How it’s used (real world examples)

MODULE 11: Renegotiation and Disputes
• Typical IT dispute scenarios
• Dispute mechanisms – negotiation, mediation, arbitration
• Quantifying damages

MODULE 12: An Introduction to Regulated Environments
• Specific regulatory frameworks
• Focus on telecoms, financial services, infrastructure security
• Competition law rules

The SCL Tech Law Essentials Programme is available online here.

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