Google v Oracle: Two Giants and the Little Guy

Chris Kemp, Associate at Kemp IT Law, looks at the recent US Supreme Court judgment in the Google v Oracle software copyright litigation through the eyes of Google’s trial lawyer


Copyright is for losers

Phoebe Whitlock reports on the case that resulted in the cancellation of a Banksy trademark because of a desire to remain anonymous.


Reliance Losses and Exclusion Clauses: Co-Op v IBM

Lynne McCafferty QC and Richard Osborne on the lessons to be learnt from the decision in CIS General Insurance Ltd v IBM United Kingdom Ltd where the claimants were seeking reliance losses following a repudiatory breach.


BAILII & AI: A Step Forward

BAILII has granted Oxford University unprecedented access to case data for AI analysis in historic agreement. Imogen Palmer and Mark O'Conor look at what that could mean for lawyers.


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