Free Tips on Your Tech Law Career Journey

Laurence Eastham recommends the inaugural SCL Student Event, ‘A Path to Tech Law’, to students interested in a career in tech law

Life is a journey. Your career is a journey too. And one vital element in that journey – even more vital than avoiding clichés – is identifying your destination. Indeed, the three most important elements in trip planning are: destination, destination, and good advice on how to get there.

So, if there was a tech law career TripAdvisor-style app, you would certainly consult it. It would tell you about at least three important categories: the best place to visit en route, the best value accommodation and the places to go to meet the coolest people. It might even change your destination priorities.

The inaugural SCL Student Event, ‘A Path to Tech Law’, is the tech law career trip advice app. Not yet available on your phone, it requires attendance at a swish central London location on 29 November, which itself offers destination advice in concrete terms (not to mention leather and modern art). You will get to hear from those who have trod the path, jumped the ravines and, crucially, found the fun. With a panel of speakers that includes some who can still recall what the early stages of the journey felt like, it really is an unmissable opportunity to gain insight and perhaps network a little.

The event, held at Reed Smith’s offices in Broadgate Tower in London, is open to all students with an eye on a career in tech law and, with tech law skills proving increasingly vital to practice in most areas of law, that’s a lot of students.

Following the panel discussion and Q&A there will an opportunity to network and a chance to hear more about the SCL Student Ambassadors programme which will be launched soon. There is even free wine and nibbles.

And don’t be too surprised when the main suggestion from the tech law career app in all three categories outlined above is ‘SCL’.

The chance to widen horizons and meet those with solid experience in tech law is not to be missed – you might even decide that you too want to get involved with SCL.

The SCL Inaugural Student event will take place at Reed Smith - 5.30 pm for 6 pm on Wednesday 29 November 2017. Click here for full details.

Published: 2017-11-06T10:00:00


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