Predictions 2018 - 15

SCL Chair Mark O’Conor peers into 2018

 From Mark O’Conor

By June we will all be suffering GDPR fatigue (if we are not already), but:

·       In parallel, we will unfortunately be likely to see more state on state cyber attacks which may go further than has so far been the case, paralysing that state and all who commercially connect with it.

·       The AI debate will continue, quite rightly at the ethical and social impact level, however we will be no closer to specific AI laws, preferring instead to rely on the application of existing concepts (IMHO a 'good thing').

·       And finally, the SCL will (amongst other initiatives for 2018) champion a series of Better Contract ideas, taking the discussion from the theoretical to the practical, which will hopefully cause a re-appraisal of exactly what the contracting parties are seeking to achieve in a commercial contract.

Mark O’Conor is a Partner at DLA Piper (UK) LLP and is Chair of SCL.

Published: 2017-12-15T09:00:00


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