Nodding Along to Tech and a Back to Basics Solution

If you find yourself slightly at a loss when tech terms are bandied about, a solution is around the corner

The forthcoming SCL Conference ‘Back to Basics: the Technology’ had me reflecting on the dangers of nodding along in apparent understanding. It was certainly a tendency of mine in earlier years when not understanding technicalities about which I felt I should really have some grasp - I recall specifying the need for a JCB to support the ceiling on the demolition of a downstairs wall; fortunately my wife insisted on a RSJ. Now there is a new danger - tech, digital and cyber are lurking everywhere, and make fools of many, even I suspect some SCL members. It’s easy to empathise with the subjects of this story from the Daily Mash.

But if you have found yourself nodding along with clients talking at a technical level which leaves you feeling like a country bumpkin in Geekville then SCL is offering a helping hand. SCL is assembling an array of experts ‘to bust through the jargon and explain how things work, without too much bamboozlement’ at the SCL Conference ‘Back to Basics: the Technology’ on 19 September.

I ran through the various areas to be covered and found to my horror that I didn’t even understand 50% of the acronyms so I am a prime candidate for this sort of input. The organisers say that they aim to answer many of the questions that seem too silly to ask. It is clear that they are assuming very little knowledge but I think there will be a considerable demand from those who once knew quite a lot about the workings of tech but who now find that the language and the assumptions have moved on and that they are clandestinely searching terms which they have nodded along to in earlier chats.

‘Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery’ we are told, but I venture to suggest that pretended knowledge and hidden ignorance are the more likely fetters on tech lawyers’ freedom. Here’s an opportunity to liberate yourself - and maybe impress and outmanoeuvre those who are still nodding along.

The Conference may also suit junior lawyers who are true digital natives too. So many know exactly how to make things work at a facile level but stumble in naming the parts when the metaphorical bonnet is lifted. Since being ace at Facebook is not a skill much respected by tech clients (at best, it probably guarantees mild contempt), a better tech grounding might well be needed. Since SCL has made special provision for ‘rising stars’ to attend the Conference at a very much reduced cost where a full price delegate from the same firm is also attending, the chance to acquire deeper knowledge seems irresistible – and it can’t hurt to be called ‘a rising star’.

Published: 2017-08-08T16:00:00


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