The Conversion of

What may turn out to be a milestone in legal thinking about the Internet is currently awaiting decision by the California Supreme Court. It concerns the rights to “”, the domain name for a Web site offering links to a variety of sex-related online services. David Marchese explains the background to the case, which is not unsurprisingly murky. He feels that it is the ingenuity of those involved in the case that raises wider issues about how the information society and the law interact….

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Legal Aspects of Information Security Management

In internet commerce[1] where technology risks such as systems failure or attacks are particularly accentuated and the “risk turnaround time” is much faster, the need to design and develop a proactive and structured legal protection regime has become a corporate imperative. Zaid Hamzah points the way forward in designing and developing a legal risk management system in Internet commerce at both the strategic as well as the operational level that would protect enterprises from legal problems that might flow from information security risks….

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