Contributing articles to Computers & Law and the SCL website

SCL relies on its members and others involved with tech law and tech for lawyers to provide the material that appears in our bi-monthly magazine and on our website. We make contributing simple. While some people contribute regularly we are always looking for new authors and suggestions for new topics.

If you have a topic in mind, get in touch. If your organisation has pushed the boundaries and want the tech world to know about your expertise then why not demonstrate that expertise with an article in the leading tech law magazine. SCL supports published articles when they appear online with tweets to its followers and links from its LinkedIn and Facebook pages so the reach of an article goes well beyond the 1,500 who receive the printed magazine.

We take a range of articles: short articles (700 words or so), detailed articles (up to 3,500 words) and mid-range articles too. We like opinion pieces that might spark debate, case reports and analysis, pointers on good contractual practice and articles on aspects of tech law that are often neglected. Client-focused updates that are re-purposed for a more legally adept readership are also welcome. There is such a range of styles and content that we do not set rules but you can read the SCL Publication Policy here, which contains a style guide – but it is just a guide not a set of rigid rules.

It is actually very easy to contribute to the magazine and website. Moreover, writing articles helps to keep your knowledge and learning up to date (and the work involved might well count for CPD purposes). And there is a greater reward in helping SCL fulfil its function as an educational charity – but it doesn’t hurt that it also raises the author’s profile.

Don’t be shy; contact with your suggestions.