Strategic Alliances in IT

Kit Burden of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert seeks to investigate some of the drivers for such alliances and highlight the key issues likely to arise.


e is for Evidence

In September 2002, a new question was added to AmLaw Tech’s survey on the use of IT in the top 200 American law firms. The question was ‘Which electronic evidence vendor do you use to retrieve and organize computer files turned over in discovery’. 75% of the US firms cited a preferred vendor. Adrian Palmer is sure that if the same question were asked of the UK’s legal community, it would most likely remain unanswered, or be confused with those companies that scan paper documents into their litigation support systems.


Cyber-Risks and their Management

Rupert Kendrick LL.M looks at strategies for coping with some key Internet risks. Rupert Kendrick LL.M is author of Managing Cyber-Risks (Law Society Publishing June 2002) which explains how to develop a cyber-risk management structure and use it as a springboard to develop new business opportunities


Mapping the Future - Information Overload

Kevin Aires of IBM and Hazel Raw of v-lex join forces to muse on the implications of the latest developments in GPS and intrusive communications.



Brendan Nolan of Waterford Technologies explains the dangers of thinking you are protected from e-mail abuse.


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