The Gap between IT and Business

This article is an edited version of a ‘White Paper’ published by Boxwood Technology, a unit of management consultancy Boxwood Group. It is the product too of a research agency which was commissioned by Boxwood to talk to managers and partners at 20 leading law firms. There is an oft-reported gap between expectations at board or partner level of what IT can do and what the IT function actually delivers. The aim of the research was to test whether that gap existed in business operating in the legal profession.


Tried, Tested and Trusted

With over 25 years experience in the industry, Marcus O’Leary, founding partner at the eponymously named firm of solicitors, must be one of the most experienced IT legal professionals in the UK. Yet, despite his long-standing enthusiasm and fascination with technology, the firm’s use of technology is refreshingly uncomplicated.


Legal Aspects of Information Security Management

In internet commerce[1] where technology risks such as systems failure or attacks are particularly accentuated and the “risk turnaround time” is much faster, the need to design and develop a proactive and structured legal protection regime has become a corporate imperative. Zaid Hamzah points the way forward in designing and developing a legal risk management system in Internet commerce at both the strategic as well as the operational level that would protect enterprises from legal problems that might flow from information security risks.


Data Retention Periods

Will Roebuck of the e.centre, the trading name of the Association for Standards and Practices in Electronic Trade, has prepared this list of retention periods. Can readers suggest more?


Time to Own Up to E-mail Management

Companies are still unwilling to take ownership of e-mail management despite evidence that misuse of systems is widespread and a serious threat to senior staff and business standing. To prevent classic buck-passing when incidents arise, Ian Davidson, Waterford Technologies’ UK Country Manager, argues the case for fostering a culture of departmental e-mail management.


IT and the London Civil Courts

This article is an edited version of Lord Justice Brooke’s recent lecture to the London Solicitors Litigation Association.


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