Reversal of UDRP Decisions in South Africa

Domain names continue to be a fertile ground for disputes. Although this article focuses on South African laws, some of Dr Gerrie Ebersöhn’s analysis on UDRP decisions on domain names is of much wider application.


Another Salutary Warning on Exclusion Clauses

On 19 May 2004, the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the case of Price Waterhouse v The University of Keele [2004] EWCA Civ 583. The decision considered the scope of Price Waterhouses’ (PW) limitation and exclusion clause in its terms of engagement with the University of Keele. Mark Lewis and Charlotte Hinton see lessons for the IT world.


A Leading-edge e-court in Australia

Sandra Potter and Phil Farrelly describe how Australia has moved closer to paperless courts with the completion of a world class ‘leading edge electronic court’.


Computers and the Law – New principles or the same principles in a different context?

Professor Ewan McKendrick gave a lecture to the SCL London Group on 22 September covering certain developments in contract law as they affect IT lawyers. This is the edited text of that lecture. SCL is grateful to him, both for granting permission for the text to be made available on the Web site and for the considerable work involved in converting that text into this form. SCL is also grateful to Wordwave for its transcription of the lecture.


Human Rights in the Digital Age

Stephen Mason reviews Human Rights in the Digital Age, edited by Mathias Klang and Andrew Murray (Glasshouse Press, 2005) ISBN 1-90438-531-1


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